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Guatemala, a country to live

With beautiful sceneries, high cultural diversity, abundant historical and cultural attractions, a highly developed capital city, Guatemala is definitely a unique country to live in. It has been ranked as one of the 10 happiest and most positive countries in the world.

Political and Financial Situation

Guatemala is an economically thriving country. Being the largest economy in Central America, it has a wide diversity of destinations and products. In addition, macroeconomic stability is widely recognized; has a low and controlled inflation, exchange rate stability and one of the lowest external debts in Latin America. Download document Guatemala in figures:

Guatemala's Climates

Guatemala, the country of the Eternal Spring, is a country with an exceptional climate. With an average temperature of 21°C (70°F) throughout the year and more than 360 microclimates along its 108,889 km² (42,042 mi²), the climate allows for a variety of activities which makes it a unique country.

Investments in Latin America

Latin America is a region of great economic importance and very attractive for foreign investment, representing 13.5% of total direct foreign investment worldwide, according to UNCTAD. To strengthen trade and foreign investment in the region, the Interamerican Development Bank created ConnectAmericas, a social network for promoting business and investment in the region. See more at:

How to open a business in Guatemala

To operate in Guatemala, every investor should register their company in the Commercial Register. The process takes from 12 to 19 days. The easiest and fastest way to do this is through a web portal designed to make all of your arrangements online and communicate directly with the institutions involved in the opening process.

Tourism in Guatemala

More than a journey, Guatemala is full of life lessons. It has 42,042 square miles of immense diversity: Colonial Cities, Mayan Ruins, Caribbean Coast, Pacific Ocean, Volcanoes, Lakes, Tropical Rainforest, spaces to practice extreme sports, and a highly developed city . However, the country offers more than this: leaving life lessons to every visitor.

“For one of our main clients, Allied Global’s operations in Guatemala represent its second major call center service provider” -Germán López, Chief Strategy Officer. Allied Global
“Guatemala represented a unique and attractive business model. A challenge was visualized in Guatemala. We ran the risk and it worked” -Lic Juan Martínes Venegas, General Manager Marhnos Guatemala
"Guatemala is our main emerging market in Latin America. All of our clients are pleased to do business in Guatemala - José J. Urizar, EGS Operations VP in Guatemala
“In Guatemala, the tax incentives to establish a new business are attractive, the business environment is positive and optimistic, and the workforce is excellent” -Federico Medinilla, CEO Xerox Guatemala
20 August, 2017 17:03:21
Guatemala has one of the most modern airports in Latin America: La Aurora International. The Federal Aviation Administration of the United States has ranked it A1.
New Investments
Given the importance of maritime trade in Guatemala, there is room for new investments and projects to enhance and expand the port capacity of the country.
Guatemala continuously improves and expands the existing road network, which provides great potential for investment and generates a major impact on the country's competitiveness.



Guatemala has the ideal geographic location and natural conditions to consolidate itself into a logistical and service hub at the regional level. Infrastructure consists of interconnected roads, efficient ports certified in quality and safety in both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. It also has modern infrastructure with access to the Network Access Point of the Americas through submarine and terrestrial cables, with installed capacity of 25 STM-6 fiber-optic rings of, 99.99% of network availability, mobile wireless 4G technology available, private landline speeds of up to 10 mbps and 30-50 mbps for internet speeds.

In addition to roads, ports, airports, free trade zones, industrial parks, technology infrastructure, and other construction projects, the country is located as a major logistical hub, making the great majority of infrastructure necessary for international trade (imports + exports) with major markets around the world.

  • In 2013 Guatemala movement generated a total of US $ 27.580 billion in international trade of which 77 % was handled by sea, land 22 % and 1% by air.

Guatemala searches through public-private partnerships, attracting more than US $ 1.445 billion in investment in infrastructure projects that will improve the country's competitiveness in these projects:


QUALIFICATION AND TENDER Puerto logístico intermodal Tecún Umán II Mexico - Guatemala border 2014 US$ 40 Millions
Centro Administrativo del Estado Guatemala City 2014 US$ 180 Millions

Eje de interconexión vial eje norte – sur

Guatemala City 2015 US$ 220 Millions
Transporte ferroviario urbano de pasajeros eje norte – sur Guatemala City 2015 US$ 420 Millions
PacIfic Train Mexico- Escuintla, Guatemala 2016 US$250 Millions
Carretera de circunvalación de la Ciudad de Guatemala Eje sur – Eje Oriente Department of Guatemala: San Jose Palencia - Pinula-Bárcenas -Villa Canales - Fraijanes 2016 US$180 Millions
PRE-FEASIBILITY STUDIES Solid waste facility: South Commonwealth Commonwealth Department of southern Guatemala: New - Mixco Villa -Villa Canales- Amatitlan 2016 US$55 Millions
Irrigation system and reservoirs Departments of Baja Verapaz, Quiché and Jalapa 2017 US$100 Millions



The creation of an Interoceanic Canal is being contemplated to generate more international trade and become more efficient in the movement of goods throughout the country, directly connecting the Atlantic with the Pacific Ocean and developing Guatemala's ability as a logistical hub for interoceanic transit. It will have modern and technically adequate infrastructure for Super Post Panamax vessels "SPPX" (which have a capacity exceeding 8,000 TEUs that will never pass through the Panama Canal). Additionally, it is expected that modern and competitive free trade zones will be built to make use of the advantages that the economies of scale offer in production processes and transport, therefore improving competitiveness.

  • Guatemala sold over US $27.580 billion in imports and exports (Source: National Port Commission)
  • Guatemala has one of the most modern airports in Latin America: La Aurora International Airport, ranked as A1 by the Federal Aviation Administration of the United States and nominated since 2005 as the best airport of Mexico and Central America.
  • Guatemala is a center of maritime trade, which there is room for new investments, improvement projects, and port expansion.
  • The road networks are constantly being improvement, which means there is high potential for investment in this area.

(Source: National Port Commission)

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Possibilité pour les investissements de plus de
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excellent regional logistics center

Guatemala is strategically located for business. With ports on both coasts and close to a market of more than $68 billion, it offers many opportunities. The country seeks to position itself as the Central American logistical center as a primary objective of Guatemala's 2021 plan.


Success Stories

“Guatemala represented a unique and attractive business model. A challenge was visualized in Guatemala. We ran the risk and it worked” -Lic Juan Martínes Venegas, General Manager Marhnos Guatemala
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Marhnos “Guatemala represented a unique and attractive business model. A challenge was visualized in Guatemala. We ran the risk and it worked” -Lic Juan Martínes Venegas, General Manager Marhnos Guatemala