Apparel and textile

Clothing and textile

The sector is comprised of several subsectors that contribute value to the production of export-ready garments.

Hosiery and stockings
Accessories and supplies

The most integrated cluster in Central America

Foreign trade:

Total apparel and textile trade (imports and exports) reached USD 3.1 billion in 2019 and USD 20.2 billion from 2014 to November 2020. Exports totaled USD 1,754,014,943 in the previous fiscal year, while imports totaled USD 1.3 billion.

Foreign Trade of Guatemala (figures in millions of USD)

Source: Directorate of Economic Analysis and Policy Analysis, Intelligence of Markets based on Banguat.

Current trade agreements:

Guatemala has trade agreements that facilitate trade and access to the following markets: 

% share by trade agreement:


Central America

Including Panama


European Union

United Kingdom

(excluding the United Kingdom)

Rest of the world

The apparel and textile industries benefit from preferential treatment under the DR-CAFTA short supply clause, which allows for the importation of non-originating raw materials and specific origin regimes.

Electric power:

Guatemala has the most affordable electricity rates in Central America.

The cost per kwh ranges between USD 0.10 and USD 0.16 for industrial and commercial users. Users with more than 100 kw of power demand can register as Large Users and negotiate their electricity contracts.

Drinking water:
For the municipality of Guatemala (if the service is provided by the Municipality):
  • Acquisition of water service fee, can vary from: USD 779.20 to USD 6,493.50.

  • The private consumption tariff varies according to ranges. The extremes: from 1 to 20 m³ fixed rate of USD 2.08 and USD 0.29 per m³ of consumption. From 121 m³ onwards, fixed rate: USD 2.08 and USD 1.45 per m³ of consumption.

  • Water can also be obtained privately by drilling your own well, the cost of which varies depending on the location and depth of the well.

Minimum Monthly Wage

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