Guatemala, the ideal destination for your investment

The largest economy in the Central American region, US$ 94,689.65 million in GDP.

Geostrategic location, with access to the Atlantic and Pacific coasts in less than 24 hours,

Preferential access to key markets (USA and Mexico),

The largest demographic bonus in the region, and more than 17 million people.

In 2022, 78% of the electricity generated came from renewable resources, with competitive costs.

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Macroeconomic Stability

Q 7.75 = US$ 1.00 

Stable exchange rate in the last 20 years.

4 out of 10 PRODUCTS manufactured in Central America are made in Guatemala.

With a historical stable macroeconomy 

 2021 8%

2022 4.1%


  US$20.01 billions in international monetary reserves the largest in Central America.

(up to december 2022)


During the pandemic, Guatemala was one of the most RESILIENT countries in America.  

2020 →  -1.8%

Intermodal Logistics Platform

Central America's Engine

Competitive Data

U$ 0

million in FDI flows

in 2022.

0 %

The 2nd largest maritime cargo in Central America.

0 MW

installed capacity, exceeding El Salvador’s, 2,468 MW and Honduras’ 2,993MW).

0 %

   moderate and stable             inflation rate 
 during the last 12 years before the pandemic.

US$ 0

billions of total assets,

 Offering a solid financial system.

0 th

in Latin America and the Caribbean in the macroeconomic stability pillar of the Global Competitiveness Index (2019).

US$ 0

billions, the country in Central America with the highest household final consumption expenditure (2022).

0 %

Central America’s  lowest sovereign debt to GDP ratio.

Guatemala, the economic take-off
GDP growth rate projections for 2023





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